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EcoGuard Pest Management specializes in rodent control in Northern California. Our highly trained technicians are able to eliminate all rodent infestations within your home and property. We use a baiting, trapping, and retrieval program to eliminate rodents from your residence. From there our exclusion experts work to seal all locations that the rodents used to gain access to you home. For an effective, long term solution to your rodent problems, our rodent control specialist create barriers and eliminate harborage areas that the rodents use. If you have rodents in your home or attic, give us a call to eliminate your concerns so you can rest peacefully. At EcoGuard Pest Management our maintenance program will ensure that your home is rodent free all year long. If rodents or any other pests return between visits just give us a call, we will come back at no additional cost. See rodents? Contact EcoGuard Pest Management today for a free estimate and immediate rodent control.


To properly treat for a rodent infestations, you must know what type of rodents you are treating for. Here at EcoGuard Pest Management, our trained staff will identify the species of rodent invading your home and apply the appropriate pest control treatment to solve your problem quickly.


EcoGuard Pest Management prides itself on using the products with the least environmental impact.  Some of our customers opt for our all natural pest solutions. We have all natural or green rodent control solutions that might be a good fit for your situation.  


Rodent exclusion in Northern California is very common as we live in an area of rapid growth and construction. Builders will inadvertently leave entry points that need to be sealed up to prevent rodents entering your home. Older homes also have many access points for rodents to enter. Rodents like to eat dog food, bird seed, grains, nuts, and other similar food. Rodents are known to chew constantly, destroying important infrastructure of your home. Many standard home insurance policies have a list of exclusions which often contains rodent and insect infestation. With an estimated 20% of annual house fires being caused by rodents or rodents chewing, it is important to keep your home protected. EcoGuard is able to quickly identify and seal all entry points into your home, guaranteeing you rodent free living. We will maintain a rodent and disease free home for you and your family. Be cautious not to leave un-necessary entry points open into your home, such as windows and doors. This is most important in the evening when rodents are most active. EcoGuard can seal all points of entry into your home. If you are hearing noises in your attic or your walls, chances are you have either rats, mice, or squirrels. What time of day are you hearing the noise? Give us a call and we can inspect your home for rodents, and allow you to rest peacefully.


There is a distinct smell that accompanies rodents that is difficult to remove. A lot of rodents cannot control their bladder, and are often excreting urine and feces each step they take. Once rodents have been in your attic, the smell they leave behind attracts other rodents in the future if not removed. EcoGuard removes all rodent droppings and disinfects all areas that the rodents inhabited with our rodent clean out program. We use a hospital grade disinfectant that will sanitize and remove any bacteria or disease that the rodents may have left behind. We will leave your home rodent and disease free, allowing you to rest peacefully.


At EcoGuard Pest Management we are experienced and knowledgeable with all types of rodent control. Being a local company we are aware of the rodents you may have issues with based on your location. Our experienced pest control technicians will control them for you and keep your family safe. Every time we treat your property we will inspect harborage areas for activity and treat the home to keep all rodent issues under control. If you have rodents invading your home call EcoGuard today! (916) 817-BUGS (2847)






"I highly recommend EcoGuard. This is a locally owned family business with tremendous integrity. Great friendly helpful technicians. Look no farther!"





"Our technician came to treat our house today and he was super approachable and friendly. He did a very thorough job. Overall great service at an affordable price!"



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